Annabelle Echo Reports!

Annabelle Echo is under constant surveillance and is being monitored by and from entities and dimensions unknown.
Under the circumstances stated above the techniques and devices employed by her to create this highly classified secret and confidential artwork cannot be disclosed at this time.
Therefore Annabelle Echo will not be giving any interviews, will not talk to the press and cannot be reached for comment!

Formally Known as The Echo Report
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Emmett!

Happy Birthday Emmett! Have Fun!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Twitter Alerts & Eavesdropping Bases

Twitter Alerts & Eavesdropping Bases
12 voices protest
12 archives
@ Chanel54 NewsGroup.
Gallagher Nasty
Steven Fringe.
Haptic Windows™
shock & probe while
Ping Mae Lovey performs
@ Nexus365 Nite Club.
Hugh Siphon
randomly orbits his
Privilege #9 paymasters.
Fluffy the Obese Cat
codename: CAPEX kills
Eight sarcastic friends of the
4 Fingers salute the Pervs.
Disclaimer #14 infected the
J E D I  automated system.
Please eagerly reply to
Proof #14.


Strawman Begs the Question:
Hayloft romance or…
Haystack needles?
I’m in love with a Scarecrow!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Un-manned Combat Air Vehicle
U                  C            A     V
Tomorrow is Terror Tuesday.
White House ¢ost¢o
Kill List Playing ¢ard$
This week’s winner:
Anwar al-Awlaki.

Jeremy Scahill author of Dirty Wars

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Over-the-horizon transmission from Annabelle Echo

From: AnnaBelle Echo,
Science Reporter for the Echo Report
Subject: Oort Cloud TOP SECRET Communication

Date: Tuesday December 24th 2013 23:42:56

From the Oort Cloud Communications Center:
this just in...

Hey Everyone...

Our Global Positioning Satellite is following an Over-the-horizon transmission of what we believe is a highly classified telecommunication or surveillance that relies on ionospheric reflection at radio frequencies below about 30-MHz (10-meter wavelength). The radio-wave absorption depends on the electron density, and is strongest around Midnight. The absorption can increase to the point of radio blackout during sporadic ionization enhancements associated with solar-flare X-rays and with energetic protons that precipitate into the high-latitude upper atmosphere. This is a TOP SECRET Transmission from NASA, NOAA, fatgirls rio baton and the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization. SETI, ECHELON and other interested parties believe that signal originated in the Oort Cloud Galaxy. This Highly Classified Flash Footage is only a brief segment of the deciphered message. The video is quite fuzzy but it is speculated to be an extraterrestrial being traveling through Earth's high-latitude upper atmosphere.

People of Earth, this is a link to only one deciphered frame of the footage.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Mean While After Math

The Mean While After Math

If deemed necessary would you be shocked to learn?
If deemed necessary would you be surprised to learn?
This intelligence is not from a shadowy whistle-blower.
An identified DELETED planned to engage in assassinations.
An identified DELETED had received intelligence.
This infiltration is as crazy as it sounds.
DELETED mentioned that the document may have been
from some other agency with jurisdiction.
The FBI media office offered a typically elliptical response:
“We are unable to help fill in the blanks.”
But don’t take my word for it.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

PRISM 10 versus FISA 32

PRISM 10 versus FISA 32
Behind-the-scenes electronic communications expose 5 suspicious empty seconds.
National Rainbow clandestine headquarters process electronic surveillance requests.
Sun Cryptography locate Restriction #US-984XN.
Base of Operations Circa 18 intentionally make 55 changes.
69 computing instructions expose Resident #227.
Monitoring agents transmit intelligence data to Signal Investigations.
Algorithm Cipher Collections analyze all encrypted leaks.